Emeka and Ebuka

Although getting a website designer to develop a website is getting easier every day, many small businesses have no online presence and they think nothing of it. Tell them about owning a website and they’ll tell you it is not necessary.

Ask if they are on social media (facebook, twitter etc) or if they have an online store and you’ll hear one story or the other of how all that does not concern them (who website epp sef). 

The truth is

‘If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business’

Bill Gates

The story of Emeka and Ebuka shows how building a conversion focused website can give your business (no matter what you do) the necessary boost that you need to grow your business.

Emeka and Ebuka are both traders in Otigba, Ikeja, the popular computer village in Lagos, Nigeria where you can get all things computer, phones, digital products and accessories in Nigeria. People even come from neighbouring countries to source for digital products there.

Emeka – Traditional Marketing, Modest Returns

Emeka and Ebuka both own midsized stores that deal in computers and computer accessories in the market. Lately because of growing competition in the market and dwindling sales, each has had to devise strategies to survive and to thrive.

Emeka, being the better established and more experienced trader, with a staff strength of 6, decided to do some aggressive marketing. He hired 6 marketers/canvassers to position themselves in strategic areas in the market to canvass clients to come and shop from his store. In turn, he pays the canvassers commission on sales generated through their effort on a daily basis. This has been yielding modest returns. 

Whatever business you do, many of your customers are online. If they cannot find you there, they will patronize your competitor. 

Ebuka – Digital Strategy, Extraordinary Returns

On the other hand, Ebuka decided to follow a different path.

His younger brother, Chinedu, had told him a lot about having an Ecommerce website. He told him that it could transform his business fortunes. After much persuasion, Ebuka decided to try the digital option and have an online presence.

He paid a website designer to build an Ecommerce website for his business. Following Chinedu’s advise, he listed his products on two of the popular online marketplaces. Chinedu came in handy to help him take some photographs of the products and put them on the online stores.

Barely a month after the SEO optimised online store was completed and his products listed on the ecommerce platforms, Ebuka’s story began to change. A flurry of strangers started calling him to ask for products from all over the country. Many would come and pick up the items from his store in computer village while others were requesting that he ship the products to them using courier companies after they had paid the money into his account.

Selling Without Noise 

Ebuka could not believe his eyes. His sales figures doubled, tripled and even quadrupled, all within the space of twelve months. In fact, the story making the rounds in the market is that the last time Ebuka travelled, he went to do money ritual in the village. This is because Ebuka has refused to tell his “digital strategy” to his fellow traders in the market. All this happened with little or no noise.

Now, Ebuka has expanded his operations, started travelling to import products directly from China and Dubai and he also recently built a duplex for his parents in the village. In fact Ebuka is now the talk of the village.

Having a conversion focused website and a clear digital strategy can transform a business in a short time, with little effort and no noise. 

Emeka or Ebuka? The choice is yours

Is your business struggling to get new customers? Do you have a digital strategy in place to keep bringing you warm leads that you can turn to paying customers? Are you interested in getting your business online?

Get in touch with us and we will craft a winning digital strategy for your business and get it online soonest. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

Authors Note: The story above is fictional. It was created to illustrate the power of digital.


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